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Meditation Myths

After 8 years of meditation I've come to realise that there are a lot of myths out there about meditation that simply are not true.

I realised these are the key things holding most people back from picking up the potentially life changing practice.

I'm passionate about this because I know how much difference meditation has had on me, my family and my close friends.

That's why I went and wrote a short e-book about the top "15 Meditation Myths".

A couple myths that may be relevant to you:

  • I Can’t Meditate, I Have Too Many Thoughts.

  • Meditation Is Too Expensive / Why Isn’t It Free?

  • The 'Too Busy To Meditate' Paradox.

  • Exercise Is My Meditation.

Guarantee? If you don’t find at least one myth that makes you go, “Ah-ha!”, I’ll meditate on where I went wrong.

Free download with email address. 

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