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Exploring The Veda

Are you being consistent with your meditation practice?

Would you like to go even deeper?

Have you enjoyed listening to The Vedic Worldview podcasts?

Are you interested in understanding how the world works?

Have you even thought about becoming a Vedic Meditation teacher one day?

If you answered YES to any of the above, we have the perfect opportunity for you to go deeper with our signature Vedic Knowledge course ‘Exploring The Veda’.

Exploring The Veda was designed by our teacher and Vedic Master Thom Knoles to extract the most practical wisdom from the ancient Vedic texts. It is widely considered the most powerful course in Vedic knowledge in existence today.


Even diligent, long term meditators can have a tendency to hold onto old habits and ways of thinking that make them suffer unnecessarily. The Vedic texts call this tendency “the mistaken intellect”. Exploring the Veda systematically corrects these mistakes of the intellect, eliminating fear and allowing us to enjoy the peace and freedom that is available to us.

Often described by meditators as deeply profound and even transformational, these weekends consist of listening to recordings made by Thom, who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost masters of Veda and its true meaning and application in today’s modern world. In these recordings, Thom distills the whole of the Veda — known to be the blueprint of creation and to confer mastery of all the laws of nature — in a very relatable and applicable way. He delves deeply into the Vedic Worldview and draws out pearls of wisdom with life-changing practical application.

In between recordings – we enjoy in-depth discussion about this supreme knowledge and how we can integrate it into our daily lives. We reserve plenty of time to answer all of the questions that bubble up as a result of re-awakening this wisdom within ourselves, and we make sure to nourish our bodies with freshly-cooked, organic, vegetarian meals and snacks throughout the weekend.

The complete Exploring the Veda series consists of 73 hours broken down into six installments. Each of the non-residential weekend installments can be enjoyed individually, with no obligation to complete all six. However, the course must be completed in sequential order, as each installment leads naturally into the next.

What you'll get:

  • Receive an Advanced Technique only available on ETV

  • Learn an advanced pranayama (breathwork) technique

  • Hours of lively Q&A discussion with Barron and Rachel

  • Freshly prepared tea, snacks and sweets throughout

  • Deeper connection with other members of the BHN community

  • Ongoing whatsapp group for questions and integration support

What you'll learn:

  • How the universe really works

  • The purpose of life

  • A deeper understanding and experience of meditation

  • How to expand your consciousness more quickly

  • The causes of suffering and how to eliminate it from your life

  • How to manifest fulfilling life experiences


  • Learnt Vedic Meditation in person in the four day format

  • Be meditating regularly

  • Learnt rounding (please enquire about this if you haven't yet learnt)


$700 + gst per installment*

*Flexible payment plans available, and advanced payment of multiple installments attracts a reduced course fee - get in touch for details regarding either.

Schedule (Nowra Studio):

Fri Mar 29 - 4pm to 9pm (dinner included)

Sat Mar 30 - 10am to 6pm

Sun Mar 31 - 10am to 6pm (lunch included)

If these dates do not work for you but you are still interested please let us know as we may be able to run a second group. Private courses are available upon request.

Subsequent dates for ETV 2 - 6 will be discussed as a group.

​Register Here - Exploring The Veda 1​

If you want to speed up your evolution, the best way is to take in advanced knowledge.

There is no rush. And there is no pressure. We'll be teaching for a looonnnggg time.

But if there’s a little desire bubbling up inside that says it’s time to take the next step, join us for Exploring the Veda 1.

If you’re feeling charmed, take the leap. And if you have any questions, hit reply and let’s chat!

Your friends,

Barron and Rachel

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